WHS 002: Managing Mental-Ill Health

WHS 002: Managing Mental-Ill Health

Runtime: Approx. 40 mins. | Designed for Managers


In a society with a growing number of reported cases of mental ill-health, it is essential managers and supervisors know how to respond to the complex issues associated with this condition. This program focuses duty of care and responsibilities, behavioural indicators and how to approach a worker for whom a manager has concerns.

Learning Objectives

  • We’re going to be looking at mental ill-health in the workplace and how we can best approach discussions about it.
  • If you observe or are advised about an employee’s risky behavior in the workplace, your Workplace Health and Safety Duty of Care outweighs your confidentiality and privacy obligations and you must act immediately to reduce the risk.
  • Employers have a legal obligation to:
  • Not discriminate against a worker with a mental health issue
  • Identify and implement reasonable adjustment strategies for the worker
  • Protect the confidentiality and privacy of the worker
  • Course Contents

  • Module 1 covers the observable indicators of mental ill-health
  • Module 2 covers initiation of conversation about mental ill-health
  • Module 3 covers conducting the conversation
  • Module 4 covers handling common reactions
  • Technical Specs

    Runtime: Approx. 40 mins.

    Program Availability:for USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada

    Viewable on: iPad, Mac, Windows, Android

    LMS: WLH's LMS or Customer's LMS

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