EEO 005: Workplace Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying for Employees

EEO 005: Workplace Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying for Employees

Runtime: Approx. 30 mins. | Designed for Employees


This dynamic, engaging and comprehensive program lets your staff understand the principles of equal employment opportunity legislation and anti-bullying guidelines, including the role they have to play in the prevention and reporting of incidents in their workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • By completing this program we’d like you to develop an understanding of what constitutes workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • We’d also like you to understand exactly what’s expected of you regarding behaviour that can contribute to physical and mental conditions of your colleague.
  • We want you to understand your role.
  • We want you all to be aware of the expectation on managers in regards to role modelling and responding to inappropriate behavior.
  • Finally, we want you all to understand how to report such an issue if it occurs as well.
  • Course Contents

  • Module 1 covers the importance of understanding and knowing the policies and laws regarding Equal Employment Opportunity in the workplace
  • Module 2 covers discrimination in the workplace
  • Module 3 covers harassment in the workplace
  • Module 4 covers bullying in the workplace
  • Module 5 covers how and where to go to report issues encountered
  • Technical Specs

    Runtime: Approx. 30 mins.

    Program Availability: for Australia, New Zealand and International

    Viewable on: iPad, Mac, Windows, Android

    LMS: WLH's LMS or Customer's LMS

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