EEO 003: Leaders of Team Culture

EEO 003: Leaders of Team Culture

Runtime: Approx. 30 mins. | Designed for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors


Leading on Team Culture focuses on the power of team and management culture. In particular, this course focuses on why culture has a significant impact on compliance to legislation, regulations and the guidelines related to unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace.

This course also gives special attention to three patterns of manager behaviour that can heighten the risk of unlawful conduct within a team or across an organisation.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the program participants should understand:

  • Workplace culture has a direct impact on the reputation of the organisation, individual and team performance and the ability of organisations to comply with legislation and regulations
  • A leader’s behaviour has a significant influence on the patterns of behaviour within a team
  • The three patterns of manager behaviour that have a negative influence on workplace culture
  • Australian workers respond favourably to a manager who is fair, supportive, calm and decisive
  • Course Contents

  • The Power of Team and Management Culture
  • Manager Behaviour: Three Patterns to Avoid
  • Leaders of Team Culture
  • Technical Specs

    Runtime: Approx. 30 mins.

    Program Availability: for Australia, New Zealand and International

    Viewable on: iPad, Mac, Windows, Android

    LMS: WLH's LMS or Customer's LMS

    Additional Resources:

  • Information Library
  • Video Clips
  • Assessment & Activities
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