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Social media policy – what should be included

Ensuring responsible use of social media by organisational employees continues to be a challenge for Australian Organisations.  We are observing situations where employees are using social media in a way that puts the organisation and/or its individual employees at risk yet when the organisation attempts to take […]

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Employer breaches duty of care – employee suffering mental illness paid $600,000 in compensation

Managers have an obligation to ensure that the working environment and broader workplace culture is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

A recent case before the Fair Work Commission highlights the expectations on managers to exercise a duty of care when managing staff and to create a workplace […]

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Lack of performance management training underpins Australian employers’ reliance on traditional performance management activities

A performance review is an opportunity for open communication between employees and management. Adequate preparation is crucial to creating a culture of open communication, which can help managers uncover the real drivers of workplace behaviour.

Self-reflection is an important part of the review process and gives an […]

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How HR Departments can safeguard against cyber-attacks

When managing risk, Human Resources departments often overlook the potential for a cyber-attack. Given the sensitivity of the personnel data held, Human Resources (HR) departments are a prime threat for cyber-attacks.
A recent survey estimated that 90% of all data breaches were attributed to human error […]

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Safeguarding Businesses from Cyber-threats

Cyber-crime globally costs organisations more than $400 billion worldwide. At a global level, cybercrime damages trade, competitiveness, innovation, and global economic growth.
At the company level, a cyber-attack can be devastating and impacts can include the company brand being compromised, reduced productivity and the potential for […]

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