Lack of performance management training underpins Australian employers’ reliance on traditional performance management activities

Lack of performance management training underpins Australian employers’ reliance on traditional performance management activities

A performance review is an opportunity for open communication between employees and management. Adequate preparation is crucial to creating a culture of open communication, which can help managers uncover the real drivers of workplace behaviour.

Self-reflection is an important part of the review process and gives an employee the opportunity to reflect on their performance and helps both parties identify areas for improvement and skill gaps. Again, adequate preparation by both parties is crucial to this process.

A recent survey of Australian Human Resources and Learning and Development Professionals by World Learning Hub showed that Australian organisations have a traditional approach to performance management relying heavily on individual performance appraisals (92%) and individual development plans (65%).

Thirty nine percent of organisations surveyed advised that they formally evaluated performance annually and 25 per cent advised that they are conducted bi-yearly or quarterly performance reviews.  Only 8 per cent of survey respondents advised that they undertook ongoing performance management activities.

The lack of preparation by either party prior to performance reviews is concerning – around 50 per cent of organisations said that there was little preparation by either party.

This may be due in part to the fact that less than 50 per cent of organisations advised that they provided training to their managers on how to conduct any performance management related activity. Hence many managers may not be aware of the range of performance management activities available and how they can help develop their human capital and thus uplift performance.

In terms of performance management training that employers do, performance evaluation discussion training ranked first with 45 per cent followed by performance coaching (41%) on second, goal setting (35%) and performance documentation (35%) equal third and individual development plans (31%) as fifth.

World Learning Hub has developed a digital training program that helps leaders adopt an effective approach, including undertaking quality coach conversations with their employees to address problems and achieve optimal workplace performance.


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